working on some websurts...

Website for a friend who is a documentary filmmaker, Bobby Griffith. The challenge here was implementing video across browsers. I used the html5 video tag for Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and everything else under the sun except IE.  Firefox needs a little help. It only takes .ogv files instead of .mp4. A little plugin called firefogg converted the files for me beautifully.

For IE I nested an object inside the video tag. I used a free flashplayer called flowplayer to run the video as flash.

The combination of all this make it completely cross-browser compatible. I think it'll even display on Ipad/Iphones.

Can't wait for the day that the video tag does everything for me.

 Also been doing some maintenance for a NGO called Banaa that brings Sudanese students to the US to study conflict. The page is obviously still under heavy construction. You can see it here:

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