Glitch Rothko

This guy made a processing script that takes the red, blue, and green values in one or a number of images and converts their color from standard 0-255 scale into bit code, which looks more like:


and then back into 255 again. It groups similar numbers and randomly adds pixels to the dimension of the programmer's choosing. You can also control the range from which it will allow colors to be pulled. So if you only want certain shades of red, you can constrain the numbers.

This little script is the first one someone else has made that I've really understood in full...more or less. I'm starting to feel like every time I think I comprehend processing/java I discover another vast unexplored region of functions and methods. This is very exciting for me because I can begin to tear it apart, and reconfigure the code to my liking.

I googled Mark Rothko and grabbed seven of his images. I tried to find images with large differences in color to maximize the output variations. The script is running at 20 frames per second, and it can take a little while for things to get interesting.

Mark Rothko did not know how to use the computer.

If you have a slow computer or internet connection it can take a while to load. If you leave it up for a minute or two in the background and come back you might find a nice glitched out surprise.

Watch here. PIXELATOR
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