For some reason or another, I thought this might be nice to do. These are a few things way back from 2006

This tub I found in a strange concrete structure that I suppose was once a home, deep in the woods behind my neighborhood.

Maymont. The Japanese gardens at night. John and I frequented the place during high school. I haven't been back during the night in quite some time though.

This guy was taken atop a crane by the art museum in Richmond. I had completely forgotten about this until recently. I remember it was pretty cold and my hands were accordingly shaky.

The summer before my freshman year my family took a trip to Sunset Beach, NC. I took this of the pier lights while walking around at night. The same night the turtles hatched on the beach and made their way out to the sea. It's a distinct memory for me. I think I had headphones on though.

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